5 Steps To The Perfect Draft Beer

Cold beer, tingling carbon dioxide, a bright white head of foam, that’s what it looks like, the perfect beer in the glass.

1. The glass

draft beer glass

Ideally, the glass should of course be freshly rinsed. It is especially important to rinse with clear water, otherwise there is a bad surprise for wheat or wheat beers. In addition, the glass with cool, clear water can cool down to the right temperature wonderfully. What good is it if the dispenser produces cool blondes, but the glass is still hot from the dishwasher.

2. The attitude

The beer glass should be kept slightly oblique and the tap should be fully opened in the first round. This is the only way the beer has the opportunity to hit the wall of the glass flat out of the tap. In addition, the spout should never dip into the beer, which has mainly hygienic reasons. Moreover, it is simply unappetizing.

3. The timing

draft beer

As with so much beer, the right timing is indispensable. If the glass is first filled to 3/4, let it rest for a minute. After this break is tapped. During this break, the surface of the foam can solidify. This is the best condition for the perfect head of foam.

4. The finishing

To make the fresh draft beer visually a pleasure, the beer gets a short break again. Thereafter, the foam crown is placed on the beer by repeated, fast opening and closing of the tap. The ideal head of foam protrudes beyond the rim of the glass and thus does not displace valuable space for the beer in the glass.

5. The enjoyment

Lastly, a draft beer should never stand for more than seven minutes before it reaches the point of drinking. By waiting too long, the beer not only gets warm, but it also loses carbon dioxide. In addition, the head of foam no longer looks very appealing and the beer tastes short or long scarf.