How To Have Fun With Craft Beer? Part 1

What is Craft Beer?

Craft literally means craft. It does not mean that it has to be the small copper kettle. It’s more about the fun of brewing and the great beers.

Craft stands for a philosophy of brewing. The following points are essential for me.

Fun with varied and surprising taste sensations

craft beer

Diversity does not mean that only the great varieties that are already well-known in Germany – such as pils, wheat or gnats – or beers brewed in the emerging craft beer scene (like the IPA) are brewed. It’s all about trying out something new, being open, trying out new beer styles or even brewing more polarizing varieties. Beer offers much more options than all other drinks, bringing with it the necessary openness.

Enthusiasm – sometimes obsession – for taste and quality

The master brewer and the whole team live for their beer. The beer is the focus, the whole action is designed to brew and preserve the best quality. “Everything from a single source” gives the beer authenticity. Craft beer brewers know each other, meet at events, exchange ideas. Craft Beer Brewer is not just eight hours a day Monday through Friday, but as a craft beer brewer, you live the philosophy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The best ideas often come at night when you come to rest.

Courage is part of the excitement

craft beer

It is the courage to think outside the box. A hoppy beer is only the beginning. It is the courage to choose new ways, the courage to enter into new partnerships – all from deepest inner conviction. Just copying in competition is not brave enough to open up the market with something new – that’s Craft.

Use only the best ingredients

Basically, a craft beer brewer only selects natural ingredients for his beers. In Germany, this is dictated by the purity law. For imported beers, the natural resources are even more important, it is worthwhile to take a closer look. A framboise from Belgium should therefore contain only fruit, but no syrup or additives such as flavors, sweetener or foam stabilizer.

Deliver uncompromising quality

For the best quality, not only is it important to use good raw materials, it is equally important to make sure you preserve the great quality of the beers. In addition to the ingredients, the Craft Beer brewer must ensure the optimum quality throughout the process. A Craft Beer brewer is always concerned with the product, so he chooses the best bottles for the product. He also ensures that the beer is drunk quickly, for example in a brewery bar. Or it ensures the quality through an uninterrupted cold chain. Because in an oxidized craft beer, you will not taste fine hop flavor even with the best aroma hops.