How to have fun with craft beer? Part 2

Last time we listed 5 ways on how to have fun while crafting beer. Let’s move on and hear even more reasons!

Use science and technology to understand nature

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The top craft breeders often have the country’s best trained brewmasters who can work with the highest quality technology. As an example, only Garrett Oliver or Matt Brynildson should be mentioned here. These brewmasters know exactly what they are doing. Their breweries are state of the art, their beers are not random. For example, Frank Boon is carrying out a project with the University of Leuven in order to understand exactly what happens during spontaneous fermentation and subsequent storage. Good technology and a sound education do not contradict the craft beer idea, they help to brew fascinating beers.

Exchange with friends

In order to make something really new and to contribute to the development of new things, a permanent exchange, especially on an international level, is indispensable among craft beer brewers.

Fusion of tradition and innovation

A craft beer brewer maintains the tradition. This is not an end in itself, and certainly not to stop time and innovation. He understands that tradition and innovation are not contradictory. Old styles are brewed with the sometimes-lost corners and edges and with the best possible technology. It is not meant by tradition to use necessarily the old vessels, but to look after old recipes and ideas. A good example is the hop plug, as it is used in Cologne for the Kölsch. After all, the copper kettle used does not make the beer special, especially what you make in this kettle.

Break rules

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A craft beer brewer is obsessed with his ideas and tries them out. He cannot be narrowed by specifications. At this point I would like to point out again Jean Pütz and his tenacity in the negotiations with the Federal Ministry of Finance. A craft beer brewer does everything to produce the best, most aromatic and natural beers. German beer styles are brewed with this intention – as well as an IPA automatic according to the purity requirement, but not because this is the all-important requirement, but because it naturally results.

Last but not least, for me, a craft beer brewer belongs to a value-oriented trade, as is the case for every human being

 In addition to a conscious handling of the environment, the way of dealing with the team, with partners, customers, friends, but also the competitors is an important feature.

These points and the craft beer philosophy go well with the American slogan “Have Fun”. Not necessarily to strive for America and Anglicism. For me and my team it was impressive to see in the US how this slogan is filled with life. The fun of brewing and the craft beer experience gave rise to incredible enthusiasm among brewers and the general public.

“Have Fun”, so having fun with what and how to do it, simplifies a lot. It is not a one-way street from the brewer to the consumer, but a common path that – how could it be otherwise – much joy. It is so easy to actively involve the upcoming scene of beer enthusiasts, the so-called Beer Geeks. The feedback is very important and contributes significantly to the development of craft beers. It’s the bloggers, the beer sommeliers, the beer-crazy journalists, the organizers of events and the growing number of enthusiastic consumers who have their share of the craft beer movement. Essential requirement is always the honest, open and constructive communication among each other. Narrow-mindedness and unqualified prejudices are superfluous and annoying.

Since the master brewer of a craft beer is known, anyone can speak directly with him, inquire. This increases the quality of communication – at least for those who are interested in it. And for example, those who were at the “Braukunst Live Festival” in Munich were able to actively experience how they can jointly develop the topic of craft beer in Germany and have a lot of fun doing so.

In this development, we do not always have to look envious to America, even though we can learn a lot there and in other countries. Every country has its own history and a different starting point. Just as it is the job of every self-confident craft beer brewer to find his own way and not simply copy the competition, it is up to a rightful beer country to go their own way on craft beer. Anything else would be a shame and would not do justice to our long beer tradition.